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SAINT PIERRE EGLISE: market town with remarkable houses built of granite.XVII century castle. There is a market in the square place Abbé St Pierre (who was a famous academic well know for his essay "Project of perpetual peace in 1713. This market is held every Wednesday morning and has been over 500 years. To the north, towards Cosqueville you will see standing stones in a triangle which from the 3 Princesses. Take the D.901 road towards.

TOCQUEVILLE: XIV, XVI and XVIII century castles where Alexis de Tocqueville wrote most of his works .

GATTEVILLE: Small picturesque village. The lighthouse, linked by 130m long jetty to the continent is the second highest lighthouse in France (75m hight).

BARFLEUR: A pituresque fishing and sailing port classified as one of the most beatiful villages of France due to its architectural national heritage.

MONTFARVILLE: XVIII century church whose vault is decorated with 19 frescoes painted by Guillaume FOUACE, artist naitive to Reville.

REVILLE: Remarkable XI century church, inside a white marble statue ofa reclining Béatrice FOUACE sculpted by her father.

SAINT VAAST LA HOUGUE: Picturesque fishing and sailing port. Reputed as en oyster farming centre, St Vaast La Hougue is also a greatly appreciated sea-side resort two majestic towers, Tatihou and and La Hougue.

The guest house is situated in a typical hamlet, 5 minutes walk from Saint Pierre Eglise. The town is based in the heart of Val de Saire, full of charm with its exceptional landscapes between land and sea and is full of history and architectural heritage. Nearby, you can visit the magnificent Barfleur harbor, the island of Tatihou or go for a ride to Fermanville

If you are looking for your holidays a guest house in the cotentin region of Manche :
34 rue de la Longuemarerie 50330 Saint Pierre Eglise
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